Our Solution to the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

Phage Library

We hand select bacteriophages with high therapeutic potential to eliminate ESKAPE pathogens. We've isolated 200+ novel lytic bacteriophage targeting pathogenic strains of E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, and other problematic bacteria. With our expanded bacteriophage library we can accommodate for a vast array of potential infections, which will continue to grow as we progress.

Hydrogel Coating

Our hydrogel coating allows for controlled release of bacteriophage at the site of care. All components of our hydrogel are GRAS by the FDA and are highly biocompatible. Our hydrogel can even function as tissue scaffolding for wound treatment and further prevents infection, increasing the rate at which our patients recover.


Using this advanced microbial technique, we can make bacteriophage the most effective antibacterial on the market by alleviating their greatest weaknesses and protecting them against the host immune system. Our proprietary micro encapsulation technique extends the shelf life of bacteriophage drastically, while preserving their bactericidal activity.